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Jacobi’s Spot


Jacobi really loves this spot, the transition between the side lot/yard where the vegetable garden is and the back yard. He also loves this spirea to his right, which is where Ooni was sniffing when we had our little incident a few weeks ago. Behind him are the ferns, also from the woman N worked for a few years ago, which are doing fantastic even though they lost all their shade when we had to remove the Catalpa – which has new leaves coming out from everywhere, even within the ever growing crack…. I’m particularly pleased with my hanging baskets this year, which are two different purple petunias and purple and white alyssum and which I got from the Downtown Market from a farm in Eden. Out of view is the tree nursery, where at least four trees are in need of transplanting this fall. Where to put them, is the question….

Here’s a close-up of the spirea – to the left of the rock wall is the berry patch with the black raspberries that came with the house, the red raspberries our neighbor gave us, and the blueberries we put in.

Bird bath from mom, ferns, Jacob’s ladder, foxgloves, black raspberries:

Jacob’s Ladder:

The Jacob’s Ladder is from another neighbor who lives a few blocks away. He also gave us a spirea which is in the front corner of the yard and has not yet flowered and is much smaller than the other two spireas, which came from Adam’s a few years ago.

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  1. Deborah permalink

    Your Jacob’s ladder is beautiful — it blends well with the ferns. 🙂


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