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Wax Begonias


I love begonias and hope to get some non-stops this season. Last week, I picked up a few little white wax begonias for the new Catalpa Stump Garden in the back (post forthcoming!). What’s extra special about these little girls is that they’re all living in pots either my Aunt or Mom gave me 🙂


From → Wax Begonia

  1. Deborah permalink

    AWww — they look lovely in my pots! although the one in the sunflower pot looks like it may need a larger pot soon! I, too, think I will look for some forever blooming begonias! Maybe at the market tomorrow? 🙂


  2. Thanks, mom 🙂 AND – that’s the pot you made me, forgot to mention that in the post!! I’m OK if they stay small – I had the pots in mind when I was picking them up downtown…. And yes, hope our guy has some pretty ones tomorrow! I want some Scarlet ones ….


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