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Musings On Overeagerness


So, I lied about the cucumbers. OK, not really, because the first one that sprouted, the Little Leaf, is doing just fine and getting his first real leaves. However, I lost the first Lemon to the four days of rain we finally got starting last Friday. I think too much soil may have washed away in that rain somehow, even though I had planted them in compost which I heaped in little rock mounds, because I’ve seen two seeds surface yesterday and today. Argh!

And here is when the ever-learning part of gardening comes in: tonight I was thinking about whether or not I should plant some new ones, when I spotted another Lemon emerging. Hot damn! This may be numero tres – yesterday morning I may have spotted dos, but if it is then its top somehow fell off and I’m not sure it will make it, although it was still hanging in there tonight. I suspect a bird, which love eating insects in the garden, especially this time of year when the plants are small and they can easily see them. They usually leave the plants alone, but a small seedling stands no chance with a beak if it gets in the way.

We might get more rain tomorrow and I don’t want the same thing to happen so I’m holding off planting more for right now. The basil I direct seeded the same day is starting to come up – right when I was giving up and bought two plants in desperation at the Farmer’s Market yesterday, yay! so I’m going to give the cukes one more weekend, and if after Sunday evening I’m still not seeing any, then I’ll plant. They’re planning (ha!) for it to be HOT in the eighties, perfect for heating up the soil again which is what cukes need for germination.

Because it may  just be that I was simply too overeager when our weeks long 80 degree spell in May was happening and the soil wasn’t quite warm enough, although the last time I took the temperature with my soil thermometer (thanks, Cherie!) it was in the high seventies.

Always an adventure….


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