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I can’t imagine I’ve ever made salsa the same way twice unless I was canning it, since I typically use fresh, seasonal, and local ingredients and forego fresh salsa when tomatoes aren’t in season – the reason why I learned to can it last summer. Today’s batch contains four types of tomatoes, nearly equal parts Moskvich and Italian Ice, which make up the bulk of the salsa, a couple Black Cherry, and one lone Japanese Black Trifele.

note the sun scald on the shoulders of some

Add to that garlic (from last year’s garden, from the last clove!), jalapeño (this year’s garden), red onion (from the Farmer’s Market), corn (Farmer’s Market), and cilantro (Weggie’s) and I’ve got dinner – because I’m an adult, and if I want to eat a gigantic bowl of salsa for dinner that’s my reward for living through childhood when I couldn’t have whatever I wanted for dinner!


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  1. Deborah permalink

    Uh oh — a reference to child hood ….


  2. Oh, mami, everyone had these general childhood reminiscences as adults! I’m sure you’ve had dinners like this and thought the same thing *wink*


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