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Harvesting Greens Seeds


All summer I’ve been allowing a few of each of the spring greens to dry out and harvested the seeds yesterday. It amazes me how such a small plant at eating harvest time can grow into such a large flowering plant during seed production time. My small patch of a half dozen or so micro greens and arugula hid enormous weeds (average: two feet in diameter) and one four foot long renegade hybrid tomato plant that I had no idea was lurking underneath the greens canopy, although I’d spotted and pulled many small ones over the summer after last year’s out of control summer of tomatoes gave me hundreds of small black cherries and enough dropped ones I didn’t manage to collect that I knew I’d be dealing with renegades this summer.

renegade tom underneath thousands of greens seeds ready for harvest

two or three arugula plants, bolting

ONE arugula plant, in bucket, with thousands of seeds

greens I didn’t shake into a bag (I used a large paper one with handles) to collect their seeds I scattered on a patch of garden ready for planting

arugula seeds for future plantings

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