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A Tribute To The Fallen Cucumbers of 2012


Maybe you don’t believe, but I think I jinxed myself earlier this garden season when I blogged and bragged about how my still young vegetable garden hasn’t been hit badly by pests ever. (See A Few Words on Birds.) A week ago I took out most of my cucumber plants and tomorrow I’ll be taking out the remaining two – the oldest ones, incidentally, the only ones to sprout from the first batch of seeds I sowed (see Musings on Overeagerness). I knew something had been affecting the plants badly and I suspected insects right off, since the newest leaves were drooping and dying followed by the less tender older ones a day or so later, but every time I examined the plants I didn’t see anything – not even the Japanese Beetles who had briefly enjoyed the basil planted nearby. I collected my paltry cucumbers in frustration and then started giving the plants more water, the drought being my second suspicion.

And two Saturdays ago I went out and spied them: little green and yellow bugs had infested the drought-induced cracks in areas of the garden near the cucumbers and, sure enough, being careful and slow, I approached the cukes and as soon as I got near they all flew merrily off into the sumacs. Whatever they are, they’re fast, and I didn’t get close enough to crush any, much less take their picture.

Knowing I had to kill the plants, I did so quickly, before documenting any evidence – and then decided to take a few pictures of the last two stubborn elders, who were putting forth flowers in a last-stand attempt at reproduction. Below are the last pics of the lemon cucumber plant of 2012….

even though flowering you can see it doesn’t look right

Is this the creature that ate up my cukes?? It’s not a yellow and green bug, but I’m no expert and don’t even know what type of bug this is, so this will be one more photo I’ll submit to What’s That Bug? …. (see Red Scarab Beetle)


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