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Saving Tomato Seeds


Last summer was the first time I saved tomato seeds, after my Papa gave me a how-to article. It’s pretty easy, though a little time consuming, and you’ll have to be able to stomach dealing with the smell the process gives off during the fermentation process.

First, cut a tomato in half and scoop out the seeds and the gelatinous substance they’re sticking too and put them in a cup or other container. (I reserve the other parts of the tomato for something else, so usually I start saving tomato seeds in conjunction with my cooking.)

Mix with a little water a few times a day, letting the mixture ferment for two or three days – the fermentation process helps kill any pathogens that may have been growing in the soil and gotten into the seeds.

Day One

Set somewhere you’ll see them so you remember to stir them and monitor their progress. They need air in order for the fermentation process to work so I try to leave them uncovered for as long as we can stand – it really does start to smell quite awful after a while. Understandably, it also attracts massive amounts of fruit flies, so I set out a cup of apple cider vinegar to trap those.

n got me cheesecloth in order to ward off fruit flies

it does nothing for the smell….

Day Three

note the fruit flies

When they look really gross, it’s time to rinse them really well and set them out to dry before storing for planting the next garden season.


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