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Coleus are my favorite foliage plant: tremendously easy to grow, propagate, over winter, you can find a variety that likes any condition you live in, and they come in an amazing variety of colors. I took cuttings of my favorites last summer in addition to potting up one huge one that has thrived in the window next to my desk all winter.

Coleus Needing Love

Coleus Needing Love (3)

As you can see, I really let these babies root. I had them in the kitchen window behind the stove, which faces east, and just kind of forgot about them all winter except to add more water once in a while. Their foliage looks so fantastic I don’t think they minded. I had three other types of coleus rooting in the west facing window in the kitchen. I transplanted all of them today and have six new plants. I also took a bunch of new cuttings of other varieties of coleus I had growing to start rooting.

Tools for Transplanting



New Coleus Cuttings in Window (2)

new cuttings in east facing kitchen window

Transplanted Coleus

Transplanted Coleus (2)

new transplants in west facing kitchen window

I also have cilantro sprouting and planted basil and chives seeds today. These will live in the kitchen for easy use.

Basil, chives, cilantro (2)


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  1. Deborah permalink

    AAAHhh, spring really is around the corner now isn’t it? Since coleus isn’t harmful to the kitties, maybe I can get a clipping from you and I’ll just keep it rooted in water and hope my boys won’t trash it???? Happy planting! . . .


  2. Of course – the next time you are here, remind me.


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