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On Watering


My friend J asked me if N and I are thinking of installing an irrigation system in the garden, which got me thinking about watering. Here was my response: “We want to install irrigation from the rain barrels to the garden, probably that is all. I am trying to make the garden drought tolerant, so I do very very little watering that isn’t natural. July is always an anxious time for me. But I’m learning: it is better to water deeply once than shallowly twice. I also started watering right before a rain, to empty the rain barrels, so I could collect more water right away but also to KEEP the ground saturated longer, and things did better summer 2012 than summer 2011, when I was NOT doing that…. And this is, of course, why saving seeds is so important and why I am transitioning to an almost all heirloom garden….”

This year I need to read this book that I picked up a couple years ago but haven’t read in depth yet. I also need to review my back issues of Mother Earth News, because lately there have been some excellent articles on doing exactly what we want to do: hooking up irrigation hoses to your rain barrels to let the overflow go out into all parts of the garden. Currently, our overflow goes into two big corners of the garden, but our system could stand even bigger improvements.

Stay tuned for photos and updates….


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