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Better Late Than Never….


I finally got my seeds started this weekend. One flat of tomatoes, one flat of peppers, one flat of herbs, and a bunch of random mini-greenhouses made from saved and re-purposed plastic containers.

Seed Starting




Five of the six tomato varieties I will be growing are heirloom, three from seeds saved from last year’s garden: Brandywine, Japanese Black Trifele, and Moskvich, which is my favorite tomato from last year. Since this Russian variety did so well, I decided to get two more from the same region, also heirloom, this year: Cosmonaut Volkov, which is from the Ukraine, and Black Krim. Apparently I also like my tomatoes like I like my beer: the darker the better…. The sixth variety is an old hybrid favorite, Black Cherry. It’s terrible that I can’t remember after only two days, but I think these are the last of the Black Cherry seeds I have, so next year I’ll be looking for a nice heirloom cherry and will be growing only heirloom tomatoes.

Growing five pepper varieties this year: two hybrid, two heirloom, and an open pollinated {which is pretty much like an heirloom in that I can save those seeds for next year, unlike the hybrids}. I’m growing the California Wonders from J again this year, since they did so amazing, but I’m also trying the Yankee Bell for the first time, the open pollinated variety, which I’m hoping will do well. I’m also growing the Early Jalapeños  I grew last year, the last of the seeds and then next year I will look for an heirloom variety. The last two I’m growing are heirlooms: Joe’s Long Cayenne, and a nice looking Italian Pepperoncini, which is a sweet pepper. Although I’m tempted to grow them with the hot peppers and give them a little spice, or, better yet, grow some with the hot and some with the sweet to see what happens.

I’m excited to try the Drunken Woman Frizzy Headed  lettuce from Territorial, which yes I bought just for the name, and the Flashy Trout’s Back, which was in a Burpee mix last year that I loved so got a whole pack of them to have this year, also from Territorial. Finally got my Echincea space picked out and prepped so was finally able to get those seeds going, and last but not least, Mrs. Burns Lemon Basil from Johnny’s and some winter savory, a perennial herb that also makes a nice border, which I’m hoping to surround the berry patch with.



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  1. I love the berry containers you’re using for your starts. Genius! I often save containers like that but can never think of a use for them.


  2. My grandfather saved them for me and they are PERFECT – pre-made holes in the bottom and top already. Too bad I don’t buy these berries usually, I will have to be careful with these containers so I have them for use again….


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