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Red Zeppelin


Last Sunday I planted the onion sets that arrived when I was in Vermont, another item I picked because of the name: a red onion called, yes, Red Zeppelin, from Johnny’s. You may remember that I built the bed last year, and started onion seeds directly in the bed, which sprouted, but which were a large failure. Not total, because a few survived and will be growing right along with the red zeppelins this year. Actually, it was an excellent unplanned experiment: I put the busted cold frame over the bed just to get it out of the way for the year and lo and behold, even covered with snow four of the onions survived. None of the onions outside of the cold frame survived, so I think just an extra foot high windbreak is what did it, since the top of the cold frame has been non-existent since it broke last autumn. It was made from three small windows which we connected with hinges to the top of the frame and we lost them in a high wind storm one night which caused them to to fly open, hitting the ground on the other side and breaking the window panes.


One Year Old Onion, Under Cold Frame


One Year Old Onion, Not Under Cold Frame

This is the first time I am planting sets, so I hope they fare better than seeds. Onions are heavy drinkers, so that is one problem from last year: I was stubborn in my wanting to make everything drought tolerant. {This year, I will direct the water to the onions first, then the asparagus, then the hybrids, while focusing on making the heirloom varietals drought tolerant.}

Lately the USPS has been terrible with our packages, and the onion box arrived damaged, one bunch was un-rubberbanded. I think I might have missing been some, but I really couldn’t tell. I attempted to complain to the PO and for some reason the form I tried to submit to their website would not go through. Hmmmm….

Onion Sets

Red Zeppelin Onion Sets


Onion Bed, Planted


Four Onions, Planted

Front to Back: One Year Old, Red Zeppelin, One Year Old, One Year Old


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