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Yesterday I hooked up two fifty-foot long slow soak irrigation hoses from the two rain barrels to the two raised beds on either long side of the vegetable garden. The hose attached to the broken barrel that doesn’t hold much water anymore and running into the onion bed will be open all the time so that whenever it rains water will continually flow into the hose. The other one is technically open too, but is attached to the top of the rain barrel so will only fill with water when the barrel is full. That one is going into the asparagus bed. They also come with caps [oh shoot, where did I put the one? I can see one on the kitchen table now, the other had better be in the basement….] for the ends, I imagine to further regulate water flow. This is so simple and I’ve been meaning to do it for years; eager to see how it works.


SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA Short Regular Hose Going From Barrel To Bed

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERABoth Hoses, Slow Soak Left, Going Into The Asparagus Bed

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERATried Burying The Hose, Will Wait Until Bed Gets Mulched….


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  1. Deborah permalink

    Wow — I hope it works out and did you find that other cap??? Love, Mom


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