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After The Snow Melts

After The Snow Melts

Crocus Bulbs Bursting Through Winter Mulch

As the swelling in my fingers continues to lessen and I’ve been getting used to doing things one handed, I’ve started venturing out on walks again as long as it hasn’t been raining — aside from my first day in the cast, when we were pelted with mini-hail (or grapple, perhaps?). Spring so far has seemed more like winter but there have been glimpses of the new season here and there as the feet of snow that has accumulated over the past few months has started melting. This morning, after admiring an explosion of crocuses across the street, I was inspired to venture into our soggy yard a bit to discover our own little bits of green scattered here and there: crocuses just starting to peek out under the smoke bush (which will be one of the last things to wake up in our landscape). Copious amounts salad greens in the concrete raised beds. Primroses. The lenten rose remains buried but a few leaves have appeared, a startling emerald green against the dirty white scrim of ice that has yet to melt, hidden from the sun most of the time by the house’s foundation. Although the sun goes away again as I write this and the wind brings the temperature back down into the thirties, it seems as if spring is making her way known anyway. Stubborn, persistent. Meanwhile, I’ll try to summon patience waiting for the rest of the snow in our yard to melt. And try not to get too muddy in my over eagerness to explore the new season which awaits.


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One Comment
  1. Deborah permalink

    Yes, spring is slowly waking up, but snow doesn’t want to stay away … soon.

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