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Purple Pansies


Purple Pansies 7_1_2017 (3)

Purple Pansies with Gran's Pink Astilbes, Mom's Bird Bath, and Gran's Hosta 7_1_2017

Purple Pansies with Mom’s Bird Bath, Gran’s last birthday present, Gran’s Hostas & First Child of Gran’s Pink Astilbes

Purple Pansies 7_1_2017 (1)

I haven’t been too diligent in trimming off the old blooms since I didn’t expect my pansies to still be doing well this time of year but I must have them enough in the shade that they are happy to keep on flowering so I started trying to pay more attention to them again in return. They are cheerful little things and go well with all of my perennials so why not? I planted these two plants featured here in two purple bowls Aunt Sher gave me maybe ten years ago that chipped. They are doing great in the garden. I have a feeling they may be kaput after this weekend away but we’ll see….

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