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Bee on Buddleia

Bee on Buddleia 7_23_2017.jpg

Butterfly on Buddleia

One day a butterfly was bothering Jacobi and he leapt up and bit it, his usual response when something is annoying or has startled him. I think this one might have been it, noticing the tear in its wing. We have had more Monarchs in the yard than ever but I have so far been unsuccessful in capturing photos of them….


Thanks again mom, love you!!


Namaste 7_23_2017.jpgThanks, mom! I haven’t moved him yet….


Echinacea 7_23_2017 (12)Echinacea 7_19_2017 (3)Echinacea 7_23_2017 (4)Echinacea 7_23_2017 (7)Echinacea 7_23_2017 (10)Right now my biggest patch of echinacea is planted at the head of the asparagus bed, by the Jonathan apple tree. I am trying to work more over into the raised spiral herb bed, which has amended soil, so I can harvest the roots one day and learn to make tea with this herb. These will be my mother plants, I don’t plan on harvesting their roots.


Mom’s Day Lilies

Mom's Day Lily 7_19_2017 (2)

With Hydrangeas behind

Gran's Day Lilies with Mom's behind 7_19_2017

With Gran’s Day Lilies in front

Mom's Day Lily 7_19_2017 (1)

A Perfect Flower

Gran’s Biggest Hosta

Bees on Gran's Biggest Hosta 7_22_2017 (20)Bees on Gran's Biggest Hosta 7_22_2017 (23)Bees on Gran's Biggest Hosta 7_22_2017 (14)IMG_20170704_114053 (2)This is ONE plant! The oldest, which I got when Gran was still alive a summer or two after I moved in with N so maybe 6 or 7 years old now? I should probably divide it, especially considering it’s location, but I really don’t want to. I want to see how big it will eventually get…. It got pummeled by torrential rain tornado force winds so the flowers are all drooping unlike previous years when they stood straight up and made a nice screen but is still quite lovely.

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